Forced-air plasma surface treater, for lab & small profile applications.

To solve adhesion problems on smaller surface areas we manufacture, the LectroTreat III Forced Air Plasma Treater. The LectroTreat III Forced Air Plasma Treater generates low temperature plasma that is blown across the plastic part from a specially designed discharge head. This photograph shows both the Portable and Production design LT III Forced Air units. The Portable unit is ideal for Lab use and can be carried by one person from one application to the next. The Production unit is designed to be used in production lines, on robotics arms or hand held use.

LT III Benefits

The Lectro Treat III Forced Air Plasma Surface Treater generates a low temperature plasma in a self-contained discharged head. A variable speed blower for plasma discharge adjustment will perfectly surface treat your 3 Dimensional or Flat object.
  • The LectroTreat III has a simple to operate touch pad and can be integrated into automated production line.
  • External Variable Blower Speed Control for plasma discharge to give you greater control over your treatment area, even in hard to reach areas.
  • The LT III gives you the largest forced air plasma surface treating area in the industry.
  • Looking for ease of integration into your present line? The LT III uses a PLC control unit, which is compatible with almost all other automated lines.
  • Power safety interlocks, make the LT III safe to operate.
  • Preserves the cosmetic integrity of your parts with little or not heat added to the treated surface.
  • 1, 2, and 3 Discharge Head LectroTreat III’s in stock.
  • Custom Discharge Heads and more than 3 Discharge Heads per Unit are available depending on your adhesion application.

LT III Specifications

*Input Voltage 120 VOLTS 220 VOLTS
Input Current 4 AMPS 2 AMPS
**Flexible Cable 6 FEET 6 FEET
Treating Area 2 1/4 X 2 3/4 2 1/4 X 2 3/4

An LT III with focused heads is available for hard to reach recessed areas that need to be treated.

*230 VOLT, 60 HZ and 115/230 VOLT, 50 HZ available on request.
**Length from the discharge head to control cabinet.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Guards are supplied and must be in place before operation. All sales are subject to our prevailing terms and conditions of sale. Other options available upon request.

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