2001D Takeaway

For Bekum Blow Molding Machines and Other Shuttle Type Blowmolders

Watch The 2001D In Action

The 2001D takeaway system has been designed to increase productivity, eliminate downtime, and reduce long term operating costs.  It has the lowest cycle times of any takeaway system currently available yet features a very competitive price point.

The 2001D servo takeaway system removes bottles from each mold with perfect stability and orientation of each bottle, eliminating nicks or scratches on the bottles.  Our exclusive dual servo controlled gripper hands decrease cycle times by reducing overall motion and travel half the distance of any other takeaway systems to do the same amount of work.  The gripper hands come predrilled for water cooling if needed.  14” gripper hands are standard, but other smaller 10.5” or 7.5” gripper hands are available.

Machine Compatibility
While the 2001D system has been specifically designed to integrate with Bekum blowmolders, it works equally as well with several other types of shuttle type blowmolding machines.  (See model listings below.)

  • Bekum H111, H121, H151, H155
  • Fischer 54 or 106 series
  • Other Shuttle Type Blowmolders

PLC and Servo Systems
The 2001D uses the latest PLC and servo systems that Allen Bradley has to offer.  The user interface features a color touch screen with intuitive screens for easy access to all menus and stored setup recipes.  There are even self diagnostic screens to assist in troubleshooting.  Unlike some servo based equipment in the industry, Lectro provides all the ladder and PLC programs in a user friendly format so any knowledgeable technician can conveniently open and navigate through it.  All that is needed by the customer is a PC and the Allen Bradley software package.

We’ve also found that in the harsh blowmolding environment touch screens can become damaged and cease to function.  For other takeaways, this can be the kiss of death.  For an emergency just like this, when a screen is damaged, we specifically designed our electrical controls package so that the continued operation of the 2001D is not compromised.  This can easily save 24 hours of downtime.  Lectro used this mentality throughout our designing process and has tried to make our new 2001D as bulletproof as possible.  Our motto is to keep the line running under any condition.  Lectro believes that simpler IS better.

The daily operation of our 2001D is simple; just push two buttons located on the main control panel to startup the 2001D takeaway system.  As said above, the color touch screen is only used for “Easy Touch” bottle setup (setting up a new bottle recipe), to change to an existing recipe on a changeover or to utilize our exclusive self diagnostic screens.

Optional Deflash Station & Leak Detection Systems
As an option, the new 2001D can be purchased with our deflash station to remove scrap flash from handleware or other non-captive blown bottles.  The deflash station is easy to install and utilizes programming and wiring that is already included in the takeaway system.  This reduces the installation of the deflash station to a simple plug-n-play setup.

In some cases the 2001D deflash station can utilize existing deflash punch tooling packages from other manufacturers thereby reducing the need to invest in new deflash punch nest tooling.

Leak detection systems can be added downstream on our extended takeaway conveyor systems.

2001D Features & Benefits

Dual 14” servo gripper hands
Exclusive to the MTM 2001D
  • Doubles up on process with half the linear motion
  • Decreases overall cycle times
  • Less wear and tear on the system
Allen Bradley PLC control system
  • Most plants are already have the software and are familiar with the programming
  • Readily available to reduce potential downtime
  • Worldwide AB support
Allen Bradley servo motion controlled system
  • Reliable performance and reliability
  • Worldwide AB support
New carriage transfer system
  • The HMI has a color touch screen for easy reading and great contrast
  • Intuitive screens for quick running and setup
  • Able to store 99 alpha-numeric setup recipes
  • “EASY TOUCH” self teaching setup mode
Heavy Duty linear rail design
  • Reduces frame fatigue
  • Reduces machine vibration
  • Improves life, reduces maintenance and downtime
Mobile Main Control Console
  • Movable to aid in visual setup
  • Isolates the main PLC and servo drives boards from even the slightest blowmolder vibrations
  • Easier to maintain if required
Deflash punch station (optional)
  • Allows deflashing of handle and non handleware bottles
  • Drops over existing vacuum takeaway conveyor supplied with the 2001D takeaway system
  • All deflash logic controls are provided in the Mobile Main Control Console standard, no additional charge
  • Deflash station is Plug-n-Play with 2001D controls
Isolated deflash punch station pneumatics (Included with optional deflash station)
  • Mounted on isolated sub frame to minimize vibration from deflash station
  • Easily accessible for minor adjustments
  • Improves life of the components and reduces downtime
Leak Detection (optional)
  • Allows short floor plan layout as most all leak testers can be mounted directly to our optional takeaway tabletop conveyor
  • Improves quality control for better customer satisfaction
Integrated scrap conveyor
  • Able to run in either direction for easier clearing of startup scrap materials
  • Integrated within the main frame to improve durability
  • Integrates with customer plant scrap removal system
Fully Guarded
  • Complies to ANSI specifications
  • Made from heavy duty extruded aluminum and windowed with durable clear PETG
  • Provides a safe environment for the operators
  • Allows easy access to all running locations and maintenance  areas

2001D Specifications

Dimensions Utility Requirement:
Width 30″ Fits within Bekum Front Guards Electrical Supply:
Length 151″ Extreme End to End Voltage 240VAC/ 1 phase
Height 32″ Plus Bottle Height Amperage 60 AMP Peak
Weight 1185 lbs. Air Pressure 90/110 psi  1/2” Supply
Gripper Range 27.5″ – 53″
Bottle Size range Within Normal Bekum H-155 maximum Bottle Mold Capacity
Options Deflashing station, Leak Testing, Additional conveyors

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Guards are supplied and must be in place before operation. All sales are subject to our prevailing terms and conditions of sale. Other options available upon request.

Lectro Engineering Co. designs, manufactures, and sells high performance trimming and handling solutions for the plastics industry.  Lectro Engineering Co. has been offering solutions to the plastics industry now for over 50 years.  Our equipment is used worldwide 24/7.  Lectro is recognized as a world leader for handling and trimming solutions.

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