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Retro fit your existing MTM vertical trimmers and takeaway systems.

Retro With Lectro

We are now offering significant improvement in kit form to retro fit your existing MTM vertical trimmers and takeaway systems. Safetyreduced costs, and better design is what they are all about. Today more than ever, low cost solutions to increase your bottom line is the key to success. Call or email us to find out how we can help you improve your production line.

MTM Spin Trimmer Blade Guard

The blades on our Vertical Spin Trimmers are very sharp, and very hot.  A customer driven improvement to our product line is the addition of an Automated Blade Guard.  The blade guard is designed to be fully retracted out of the way when the Spin Trimmer is in use.  When the Spin Trimmer is opened up for a changeover, maintenance or to clear a jam, the Blade Guard Literally swings into action.  The pneumatic actuation swings the Guard into place providing an operator some protection from cuts and burns.

This feature is available on our new Vertical Spin Trimmers.  Retro-Fit kits are not only available, but are highly encouraged as this is an operator safety related item.

MTM Spin Trimmer Belt Tensioning

In the past it was not easy to change a belt on an MTM Spin Trimmer.  An operator had to get out a couple of large wrenches, loosen the idler pulley, change the belt over, and then wedge a screwdriver awkwardly into the system to provide some belt tension before tightening down the idler pulley back down.  Clumsy.

Our improved toggle clamp action provides for a very quick Belt changeover requiring no tools.  An operator simply moves the lever, changes the belt, and tightens the lever back down.  Very simple, very quick.

The most impressive point is that this improvement helps to provide consistent belt tensioning between changeovers as well as provides tension even as the belt may become slack due to stretching. This feature is available on our new Vertical Spin Trimmers and Retro-Fit kits are available.

MTM 2001E Hand Assembly

The Hand Assemblies used in our 2001E Takeaways were expensive to fabricate and maintain due to the complexity of the fabricated parts used.  Focus was placed on the cylinders that were previously made in house and the complicated Appendage Bracket.

A new Hand Assembly has been designed to be completely interchangeable with older 2001E machines.  The simplified construction uses off the shelf pneumatic cylinders that are not only cheaper, but typically provide more force.

These Hands were designed to fit all existing machines with and without guide rods.  This assembly is also available on our new 2001E machines.

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